Hello hello! Welcome to Maya Collins Goods! I'm thankful to have you checking out my site!


My obsession with earrings came right after I did the "big chop" to my hair. Since my hair was no longer covering my face all the time, I felt like there was always something missing. I got my nose pieced, though I love it, it didn't fix the missing piece. I tried getting another ear piecing. While that fixed the problem for a while, it ended up getting infected and I had to take it out. I felt like I had tried everything, but then I saw a unique pair of earrings on Etsy for $5 and the rest is history.


Let's fast forward to two years later. I got really sad. I had just gone through a break up with someone I deeply cared for and I didn't know how to deal with it. I tried going full time at my barista job, which made matters worse. I tried going out with friends every night so I wouldn't be alone, but that was only a temporary fix. I was stuck.


One night while I was drowning in a pool of self pity, I fell down my usual Youtube rabbit hole, but instead of stupid gaming video or Vlog Squad videos, it was DIY videos. On that fateful night, I found the world of polymer clay earring videos. The next morning, I decided to give it a go, which brings us to today!


My mission is to make fun and wacky earring designs that can bring moments of happiness for people that may be going through a tough time. Making earrings is like a type of therapy for me, so if I can bring joy to someone from something that I've made, I've done my job.